Sunday, April 26, 2015

BlackBerry Will Close Office Again

BlackBerry is considering to close its office is located in Sweden. BlackBerry is now reportedly is talking about it with employees in Sweden.

KompasTekno quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Friday (04/24/2015), around 100 employees will be laid off if the office BlackBerry Sweden so closed.

"While pursuing plans turnaroundBlackBerry, we are also focusing on the reduction of global employees, including closing offices, including offices in Sweden," said a spokeswoman for the BlackBerry.

"Because it will determine the fate of about 100 employees, so we're discussing it with the union BlackBerry," he added.

Number of employees BlackBerry alone is currently estimated remaining approximately 7,000 people worldwide. Massive job cuts started when the BlackBerry under the leadership of CEO John Chen.

The employee reduction strategy followed by BlackBerry that want to focus on the development of mobile security and productivity software.

Office in Sweden is known to produce devices BlackBerry 10, which was introduced in 2013 ago. The new operating system fails to siphon the user of the dominance of iOS and Android. Global BlackBerry market share even less than 1 percent.

BlackBerry is still producing a BlackBerry device 10, but does not require a lot of people to run the business development.


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