Saturday, November 1, 2014

Google Fined Because Hemisphere Chest

Courts in Quebec, Canada, fined the Google to pay money to a woman in Canada. The reason, Google has exposed the privacy of the woman in the photos used in Google Street View.

Woman named Maria Pia Grillo said he was surprised when he saw photos of his house via Google Street View. In a photograph taken in 2009, Mary seemed to be bent so that her cleavage was caught by the cameras used by the Google car while doing the mapping.

Reported by Giga Om, Saturday (01/11/2014), although the photos shown on Google Street View has blurred the face of Mary, another picture section provide enough information to identify that the woman in the photo is Mary.

Two years later, Mary also submitted a request to Google to blur the whole picture following a car license plate and home address.

Maria also demanded compensation to Google some 45,000 US dollars (about USD 550 million) as compensation for the sense of depression because the photo was ridiculed by his co-workers at a well known bank in Canada.

Google also agreed to blur the whole image of Mary, but refused to give compensation money because, according to Google, she was in a public place, and there is no relationship between Street View and the emotions he felt.

Quebec Court also agreed that there is no relationship of mental conditions claimed by Maria, even though the incidence of Street View was causing moral harm him. The trial judge also asked why Maria recently filed two years after the photo was displayed.

However, the court rejected defense arguments Google for "public area" is used. According to the trial judge, a person does not lose the right to privacy despite being located in public places.

Quebec court judge was in early October, dropping fine of 2,250 dollars (about USD 27 million) to Google to be paid as compensation to Mary, the following court costs amounting to 159 US dollars (about $ 2 million).


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