Monday, February 23, 2015

Android Wear Could Raise Alert iPhone

Android Wear Could Raise Alert iPhone
Android Wear Could Raise Alert iPhone

Since a long time, Google wants Android operating system can be integrated with all electronic devices, not to mention the creation of Apple's devices.

"We want as many people can enjoy our experience," said product manager Android Wear, Jeff Chang at the end of last year.

In fact, until now there has been no sign of a formal integration between Android and Apple operating system, iOS. Even so, there is a way "unofficial" to unite Android Wear smartwarch with iOS devices.

Reported KompasTekno, Monday (02/23/2015) from AndroidAuthority, Android developers Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh allow for the integration. This is thanks to the Apple Notification Center Service (ANSC).

ANSC is a feature that also makes creation Pebble smartwatch able to receive notifications from the iPhone via Bluetooth. This feature was first introduced in iOS 7. In using ANSC, not just some, but all applications can be automatically printed on the notice on the Android Wear smartwatch.

In this way, although not an official instruction of Android or iOS, but it seems that with regard to the vision of open access that is always brought up Google.

Keep in mind, Abu-Garbeyyeh known for developing a module called Xposed Framework Module. That is, a module that allows the user to enable the hidden mode on the Android operating system. One is to enable Heads Up, a model of the notification that makes the user does not need to be interrupted by notification when playing games or listening to a song.


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