Wednesday, December 17, 2014

10 Most Popular Google Search, Jokowi Top

10 Most Popular Google Search, Jokowi Top

Google today, Tuesday (12/16/2014), officially launched the list of most popular searches worldwide. Search data from 72 countries with a large online population, including Indonesia, are summarized to show which topics most requested by residents through the Internet world of Google.

In Indonesia, the name of the President of Joko Widodo or Jokowi, as he is called, occupied the top of the list of the most popular searches, followed by its competitors at the time of the 2014 Presidential Election, Prabowo, who appears in the second.

"This year, because there are elections then appear in the top search Google Jokowi name, along with other matters relating to the election," said Consumer Marketing Manager of Google Indonesia Sandy Tantra when met Compass Tekno a press conference in Jakarta.

Every year towards the end, Google regularly release a list of the most requested topics through its services. According to Sandy, Google search trends vary according to the hot topic that surfaced in the community during the year.

"The trend of the future will be different again because there is no election. Hopefully also no fatal accidents," Sandy added, referring to the incident plane disappearance Malaysia Airlines MH 370 which is also in the top 10 top searches.

Ten of the topics that occupy the top search list in general can be seen below.

In addition, top charts Google Search search this year also show the results of the most popular searches in Indonesia from 12 different categories, ranging from music, characters, songs, gadgets, until most requested recipes. Complete list can be found at this link.

Google's list of the most popular searches in Indonesia 2014:
1. Jokowi
2. Prabowo
3. ID 2014
4. Isis
5. The pain Tuh Here
6. Nagita Slavina
7. MH 370
8. The 2014 presidential election
9. Cabinet Jokowi
10. Ebola


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